Pediatric Dentist in Greeley, CO

At Bagley Family Dental, we welcome all members of your family, including the littlest ones! Being a father of four children himself, Dr. Bagley not only loves working with kids, but he's also qualified to discuss princesses and superheroes with them.

Taking care of your son's or daughter’s precious smile starts even before their first teeth arrive, and your children’s dentist in Greeley is here to help you each and every step of the way.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Before that first small tooth comes in, parents can take care of their baby’s mouth by wiping their gums with a warm washcloth after feedings. This helps to eliminate bacteria that is left in their mouth after meals.

Once that first small tooth arrives, you can begin brushing with a soft-bristled brush made for infants. When it’s time for your child’s first birthday, it’s also time to schedule their first dental visit.

This may seem early, but it allows Dr. Bagley to examine your baby’s teeth and mouth to begin monitoring their oral development. It also introduces your son or daughter to their children’s dentist in Greeley and helps them to begin feeling comfortable with dental visits. After the initial visit, we’ll see them every six months, and we’ll incorporate cleanings around the age of three years old if they’re ready.

Your Child’s Comfort Is Our Priority

Many adults who fear their dental appointments say that it stems from a bad experience they had at the dentist during childhood. At Bagley Family Dental, we strive to make every visit to our dental office a positive one for your son or daughter. Dr. Bagley loves to answer questions and welcomes parents to be in the room with their children during dental visits and during dental treatment.

Dr. Bagley’s kind and fun demeanor helps to make children feel safe and comfortable. However, if your little one is still having trouble feeling at ease, we also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help reduce anxiety.

Nitrous oxide is safe for children. It is comfortable and easy for them as it is simply administered through an inhalation mask that is worn during their procedure. Even better, nitrous oxide leaves the body when the mask is removed and doesn’t cause any lingering side effects. This allows your little one to feel comfortable during their dental visit and then get back to their normal day.

Additional Dental Services for Children

Your Greeley dentist can handle most aspects of your son's or daughter’s dental care. As your little one grows, Dr. Bagley will be watching their development closely and will let you know if they might benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Bagley may also recommend fluoride treatments that can be incorporated into your child’s cleaning appointments. He may also recommend dental sealants to protect their teeth from the acid and bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Whether it’s time for their first or next dental visit, we would love to welcome your child into our dental family! Give your Greeley, CO children’s dentist a call today at (970) 353-5664 to schedule their next appointment.