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How often should I see the dentist for teeth cleanings and checkups?

For healthy patients, we recommend a preventive tooth cleaning and checkup every six months. Patients who are managing gum disease may need to visit their dentist in Greeley more often. Dr. Bagley may recommend three to four teeth cleanings per year to keep gum disease under control.

Many patients wonder why they need to visit the dentist if their teeth don't hurt or they're not experiencing any problems. The answer to this is that prevention is the key to excellent oral health. Many dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease start and progress with very little pain and no real symptoms. By the time you start to feel discomfort, significant damage has been done.

By visiting your dentist every six months for professional teeth cleanings and checkups, we can detect many dental concerns early on, before they become painful and require extensive repair.

For example, catching tooth decay early on might mean you can repair your tooth with a small filling instead of a dental crown designed to restore your entire tooth structure.

For patients with dental insurance, the good news is that your benefits typically cover most if not all of the cost of your preventive appointments. Protect your smile and schedule your next appointment with your dentist in Greeley, CO today.

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