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Do root canals hurt?

Root canals are often associated with discomfort since you are likely experiencing a lot of pain when you need this procedure. It is important to note, however, that it is not the root canal procedure itself that causes your pain, but rather the infection that is deep within the nerve of your tooth.

Root canal therapy in Greeley, CO is a straightforward procedure that eliminates infection from inside your tooth while also protecting the integrity of your natural tooth. The procedure itself is straightforward, and leading-edge technology combined with dental anesthetics ensures that you don't feel any discomfort during your treatment. 

When bacteria decay your tooth and reach the nerve in its inner canals, it causes an infection that becomes quite painful. Unfortunately, when your tooth reaches this point, your infection will not go away without treatment. An infection left untreated will cause further damage, could impact your neighboring teeth, and could even result in tooth loss. 

At Bagley Family Dental, we also offer nitrous oxide sedation for patients who feel anxious or fearful about root canal treatment in Greeley.

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