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Is nitrous oxide safe?

Nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, is a combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide, which is very safe for adults and children.

It is a mild form of sedation that allows you to feel calm and relaxed during dental procedures and can help eliminate the fear and anxiety that some patients experience in dentistry.

We use an inhalation mask to deliver the nitrous oxide during your procedure, and it works quickly to help you feel at ease. When you remove the cover after your procedure, the nitrous oxide quickly leaves your system, and then it's safe for you to drive home or back to work and continue your day.

Typically, there are also no side effects from nitrous oxide that linger once it leaves your body, making it an ideal sedation option for most types of dental procedures.

Avoiding the dentist until something hurts can result in creating a vicious cycle for yourself. Using nitrous oxide sedation in Greeley, CO to help "take the edge off" during a dental procedure could help you prevent more significant and expensive problems in the future.

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