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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dental Implants

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At Bagley Family Dental, we believe that the more you know about your dental health, the better qualified you are to make informed decisions about what treatment is right for your needs. Our team loves to answer questions, and we've compiled a list of the common ones we hear. However, if you don't find the answer you're looking for, please contact our dental office at (970) 353-5664 to talk with one of our knowledgeable team members.

Dental Implants

Unfortunately, most dental insurance plans do not cover tooth implants. With that said, you may be able to receive some coverage and benefit for the restoration of your dental implant in Greeley.

As an example, if you're replacing a single tooth, your insurance may pay a percentage of the cost of your porcelain crown, which can reduce your out-of-pocket expense. Or, if you're replacing multiple missing teeth with an implant-supported denture, your insurance might cover a portion of the cost of the denture.

Our financial coordinator is helpful and knowledgeable and can help you utilize and maximize your dental insurance for your implant treatment.

At Bagley Family Dental, we also work with CareCredit, a third-party company that helps patients finance their treatment so they can pay for it with affordable monthly payments. Monthly payments can be helpful for more extensive treatment plans like dental implants. CareCredit even offers interest-free payment plans for patients that qualify. 

If you're interested in learning more about CareCredit, or you would like help applying for it, contact your Greeley dentist today at (970) 353-5664 for more information. We can help you apply at home online or in our dental office, and you'll be able to move forward promptly because you'll receive a quick decision.


Modern dentistry offers excellent solutions for tooth replacement with dental bridges, dentures, and tooth implants. Greeley dentist, Dr. Andrew Bagley, can help you determine which option is right for your needs when you come to Bagley Family Dental for an evaluation.

A dental bridge uses two crowns to permanently anchor one or more replacement teeth in your mouth. A bridge is made of ceramic porcelain, so it complements your smile. It is also a fixed appliance that doesn't move when you talk or eat.

A full denture or a partial denture restores multiple missing teeth, even an entire arch. Complete dentures are traditionally removable and designed to replace all of your teeth, while partial dentures have artificial teeth attached to them that function to fill in the gaps between your natural teeth.

A dental implant replaces both your tooth root and your tooth crown, while restoring your functional ability and your beautiful smile. Dental implants protect your dental health by keeping your jawbone stimulated. Choosing a dental implant is essentially like getting a brand new tooth since it will look, function, and feel just like your natural tooth did. Dental implants can be used to restore multiple missing teeth by supporting appliances like bridges, partials, and dentures.

Tooth implants give denture wearers better stability and support than they have ever before experienced since there is no movement or slippage when you talk or eat.

To find out more about your options for tooth replacement in Greeley, contact Bagley Family Dental today.

One of the prime advantages of choosing dental implants to restore your smile is longevity. Dental implants in Greeley have the potential to last for many years, and even a lifetime in many cases, with the right care.

Even though your porcelain implant crown won't ever get cavities, daily brushing and flossing are still extremely important in keeping your implant healthy. Poor oral hygiene can result in plaque and bacteria build-up, which can irritate your gums and cause an infection known as gum disease. Infection is the enemy of dental implants and could cause bone loss and implant failure.

An excellent home care routine prevents problems like a tooth infection and helps protect your dental implant. Regular checkups with Dr. Bagley every six months will also ensure that your implant stays healthy, as he'll monitor it with x-rays.

When you commit to a consistent home care routine and preventive checkups, and teeth cleanings with your Greeley, CO dentist, your tooth implant has the potential to last for a lifetime.

If you're considering replacing a lost tooth with a dental implant, the first step is to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Bagley to ensure this is the right treatment for your needs. Contact Bagley Family Dental today to schedule your appointment.

We can use dental implants to replace single or multiple missing teeth and even an entire arch of teeth with an implant-supported denture. This means that the cost of a dental implant in Greeley, CO varies significantly based on each patient's unique needs.

For example, a patient replacing one lost tooth will have a different cost for their treatment plan than a patient considering an implant-supported bridge or denture that's designed to replace multiple missing teeth.

The best place to start when determining your dental implant procedure's cost is to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Bagley. He will use this time to gather information through an examination and x-rays. He will be checking to ensure that you have enough healthy bone to successfully support a dental implant and that you are also in good general health.

During this consultation, Dr. Bagley will also review the treatment process with you and let you know how much your personalized treatment plan will cost and how long your treatment might take. Our knowledgeable team members can also work with you to fit your treatment plan comfortably into your budget.

If you have additional questions about dental implants in Greeley, CO, contact Bagley Family Dental today at (970) 353-5664 for more information.

You might be surprised to learn that most patients who go through a dental implant procedure report that it is fairly straightforward and less uncomfortable than you might think. In fact, many of our patients say that there's less discomfort associated with tooth implant placement than with a tooth extraction.

Because a dental implant is surgically placed into your jawbone to support a new tooth, it sounds like a complicated procedure; however, Dr. Bagley works closely with a local specialist, so the process goes smoothly and efficiently.

Healing time for a dental implant can take anywhere from three to six months, giving your implant enough time to fuse and integrate properly with your bone. Dr. Bagley will be monitoring your healing and progress every step of the way, and when your implant is ready, he'll design the appropriate restoration to replace your tooth and give you back your smile.

If you would like to learn more about dental implants in Greeley, CO, and if they're right for you, we encourage you to contact Bagley Family Dental today at (970) 353-5664 and schedule an evaluation.

During your evaluation, Dr. Bagley will determine if a tooth implant is the right treatment for your needs and take the time to explain everything you need to know about the procedure.

Dental implants in Greeley are an excellent solution for replacing one or multiple missing teeth; however, they're not for everyone.

To successfully support a dental implant, you need enough healthy bone structure, which can be depleted if you've suffered from advanced gum disease or worn a denture for many years. For some patients lacking healthy bone, a tooth implant may not be viable.

Dental implants also require a surgical procedure to place the implant into your jawbone, which some patients may not want to or can't endure.

And for some people, the cost of a tooth implant may be prohibitive.

In all of these cases, a dental bridge could be an option for replacing a tooth and restoring your smile. The best place to start determining the right solution for you is to schedule an evaluation with your Greeley dentist.

During your evaluation, Dr. Bagley will use x-rays and a thorough examination to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants. He will also review the time frame and cost of the procedure so you can make a decision for your smile that's right for your lifestyle, schedule, and budget.

For more information about tooth implants in Greeley, CO, or schedule an evaluation, call us at (970) 353-5664.

Dental implants are considered the highest quality for tooth replacement since they restore your tooth down to your root, essentially providing you with the closest option to your natural tooth.

The process requires an implant placement surgery, typically done with a specialist or oral surgeon. Then a few months of healing time before you receive your restoration, which is a crown for a single tooth, or a bridge or denture when you're replacing multiple missing teeth.

The cost associated with the treatment process is for implant placement surgery and the restoration, and it varies depending on each patient's specific needs.

While the cost for one or multiple dental implants may be higher than the cost for other tooth replacement options, it's important to weigh all the advantages that they offer, such as:

  • The look, feel, and function of a natural tooth
  • Protecting your jawbone against the deterioration that occurs with the loss of a tooth root
  • A 95 percent success rate
  • Excellent longevity over other replacement options

For some patients, dental implants in Greeley may be a more cost-effective option because they have the potential to last for a lifetime with an excellent home care routine and regular dental checkups.

Contact your Greeley, CO dentist today at (970) 353-5664 to learn more about tooth implants.

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